What's up with the ratings?

It’s all about accountability. You get the uncensored opinions of real customers who’ve recently done business with us. And we get to learn what we’re doing well and where we may have fallen short; making us better equipped in our never-ending quest to provide the best, most MINI experience possible.

It works like this: after a new car purchase, or service appointment, MINI USA asks our customers to take a survey evaluating their experience with us. This information is then aggregated and published (unedited) on our website, so potential customers can quickly and easily see what our current customers think of us. The ratings and opinions are updated daily and only reflect transactions that happened within the last 90 days, ensuring an up-to-date account of how we’ve been doing is always displayed.

If I get a survey, how will my data be used?

If you receive a survey from MINI USA, your rating of our dealership and any comments you enter may be shown on our website, and with your permission, your first name, last initial, city and state would also be published. If you choose to remain anonymous, your name will not be published online.

How are the ratings calculated?

Each customer is asked to rate their experience at our dealership using a scale from 1 to 5, with ½ point increments. These ratings are averaged over a 90-day period and then expressed based on the scoring ranges shown below.


If I provide a score and comment, is it possible to withdraw it?

Once a rating is provided it will remain on our site for 90 days. Please note: We will not publish defamatory, obscene or other objectionable material.

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